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Access to reliable, high-speed communications infrastructure is essential to the success of today’s college and university campuses. It’s become integral to learning environments and helps to attract students who expect quality internet in the classroom, in their dorms, and everywhere they learn and communicate. A dedicated fiber network also supports world-class research, and can help you meet future growth and keep up with the advanced services and technologies required to connect a modern campus. 


  • Capacity: Students and faculty are engaging in more high-bandwidth activities, including HD video, digital textbooks, online learning and assessment, and video conferencing.

  • Flexibility and scalability: Universities are expected to be on the cutting edge, and need the ability to quickly adapt, expand, and evolve without the need for expensive and disruptive upgrades.

  • Costs: As budgets continue to be stretched and tightened, higher education institutions need affordable, sustainable, long-term solutions.

The very nature of high-level research requires that faculty and researchers have unlimited freedom to explore data in minute detail and exchange information from the farthest reaches of the globe. Crown Castle Fiber gave us a solution that did not place any restrictions on the important work our research teams are doing.
Dr. Morteza A. Rahimi
We had a great experience. The installations were seamless, on time, and engineered very well. They had the expertise and knew the municipalities in our satellite campuses, making it easy for us to get connected.
Jorge Estay
Our decision to go with Crown Castle Fiber was originally a
total-cost-of-ownership decision. In addition to the tremendous savings, we also appreciate the high level of service we receive.
Bob Mays


  • Expertise: We have over 25 years of experience building and maintaining fiber networks for higher education customers throughout the country.

  • Stability: We are the last owner of our networks, and an S&P 500 company with a history of building and operating infrastructure around the country.

  • Our network: Our dense metro fiber footprint includes approximately 65,000 route miles of fiber, giving you more diverse paths and unique routes.

  • Consultation: We take the time to carefully consider all your needs and deliver a solution that meets your business requirements and opens up new opportunities.

Data breaches in higher education

of all cyber breaches take place in higher education. 1

Students using technology

of students rely on technology to study. 2

Cost of data breach for universities

average cost to recover a single compromised US education record. 3

1. University Business, Higher Education’s Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks, September 2016
2. McGraw-Hill Education and Hanover Research, “2016 Digital Study Trends,” October 2016
3. Ponemon 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study

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