For enterprise businesses and large organizations, a fast, reliable, and secure network is a must. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you need the ability to provide good service to your customers, to meet growth demands, and to pursue new opportunities. With our extensive experience, and comprehensive service offering, we’ll work closely with you to build a dedicated, secure network that meets all your current and future needs.

Today’s challenges

  • Bandwidth: To support critical applications and to transfer large files and data between locations, businesses require low latency and high-speed.

  • Continuity: In an environment where disruptions and downtime can cost millions of dollars, businesses need a network that’s reliable and always on.

  • Security: To protect proprietary and high-value information, businesses need secure, private networks with redundant and diverse routes to their data centers and cloud service locations.

Our dark fiber network allows us to use our own equipment and gives us complete control and flexibility to increase bandwidth without additional costs. And with 25 miles between our locations, Crown Castle Fiber gave us a cost-effective fiber solution with reliable network connectivity.
Ted Mektrakarn
Crown Castle Fiber gave us a diversified, redundant network solution and implemented it in our
90–120-day timeframe. And their Network Operations Center is state of the art.
Gladys Gonzalez
Our fiber connection has given us the simple and reliable transport we needed. The Crown Castle Fiber staff has always been cooperative and helpful. We look forward to maintaining our relationship as our needs continue to grow.
Anthony L. DeLorenzo

Why Crown Castle

  • Stability: We are the last owner of our networks, and an S&P 500 company with a history of building and operating infrastructure around the country.

  • Our network: With approximately 75,000 route miles of fiber, we own and operate one of the largest and densest networks in the country, giving you more diverse paths and unique routes.

  • Security: Private, dedicated infrastructure that doesn’t pass through public switches or clouds gives you the highest levels of security and protects against data loss.

  • Expertise: Over the last 25 years, we’ve built and maintained fiber networks for over 9,000 customers.

  • Consultation: We take the time to carefully consider all your needs and deliver a solution that meets your business requirements and opens up new opportunities.

  • Service: We have locally based service teams who are available to you whenever you need them, and with our around-the-clock Network Operations Center, you can be sure your network will always be in good hands.

Enterprise WAN traffic

increase in American enterprise WAN traffic in 2016. 1

Cost of cyber attacks

estimated cost of external cyber attacks on enterprise businesses. 2

Cloud storage cost

saved by government agencies moving to the cloud (2011–2019). 3

1. Aryaka, State of the WAN, 2017
2. Ponemon Institute, Security Beyond the Traditional Perimeter, 2016
3. US Government Accountability Office (GAO), Data Center Consolidation [...], March 2016

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