With our Ultra-Low Latency solution, financial institutions, media companies, and corporations can transport critical data between key data centers and interconnection facilities without latency that limits productivity and causes costly delays. You’ll be able to conduct high-speed financial transactions, transport media, mirror sites, or connect to enterprise networks using our state-of-the-art wavelength (DWDM) technology and our comprehensive, nationwide fiber network.


  • Performance: We are a long-term owner of approximately 80,000 route miles of fiber, giving you access to one of the largest and densest networks in the country—ensuring best-in-class latencies while minimizing service disruptions.

  • Reliability: All of our Ultra-Low Latency solutions are backed by a Service Level Agreement, giving you the peace of mind you need.

  • Flexibility: We work closely with you to design and configure your network according to your needs, and we give you the ability to upgrade your bandwidth between 1Gbps and 10Gbps at any time.

  • Efficiency: We simplify your network management and eliminate the need to relocate offices closer to interconnection facilities and data centers.

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  • Consultation: We take the time to carefully consider all your needs and deliver a solution that meets your business requirements and opens up new opportunities.

  • Stability: We are the last owner of our networks, and an S&P 500 company with a history of building and operating infrastructure around the country.

  • Expertise: Over the last 25+ years, we’ve built and maintained fiber networks for over 9,000 customers.

  • Service: We have locally based service teams who are available to you whenever you need them, and with our around-the-clock Network Operation Center, you can be sure your network will always be in good hands.

  • Streamlined solution: With a single point of contact, you’ll always know who to reach out to for all of your network needs.

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