Founded in 1925, Cheney Brothers Inc. is one of the largest and fastest growing food service distributors in the Southeastern US, with yearly revenues exceeding $1 billion. They’ve built their business on understanding customers’ needs and providing unmatched service.

The need

  • A network to support new Enterprise Resource Planning software and improve business logistics and communication with their customers and suppliers.

  • Increase bandwidth and improve connectivity in order to protect against interruptions and networking faults.

The solution   

  • We provided a multipoint VPN service and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) delivered on separate VLANs that span from 20Mbps to 200Mbps.

  • Each site is connected to Crown Castle Fiber’s network using 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces and can scale its access rates if needed.

  • With a DIA VLAN solution present at each Florida location, we were able to give Cheney Brothers a cost-effective alternative to a separate DIA circuit.

The Impact

  • With a multipoint VPN service, Cheney Brothers was able to reliably connect multiple sites in an efficient and scalable way.

  • As Cheney Brothers continues to grow, they can easily expand the number of sites connected to their network.

  • Cheney Brothers is immediately made aware of any operational issues so that network performance continues to enhance business operations.

Corporate bandwidth needs

annual increase of corporate bandwidth requirements. 1

Enterprise WAN traffic

increase in American Enterprise WAN traffic in 2016. 2

1. Accenture, Your Network and the Journey to Cloud, May 2017
2. Aryaka Networks, State of the WAN, 2017

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