Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is a privately held entertainment and hospitality company founded in 1927. They own and operate a chain of resorts and entertainment destinations, including Hershey Park and the Hershey Bears, the Hershey Lodge, and Hotel Hershey, Spa & Country Club.

The need

  • Connect their site locations with secure and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Consolidate backup to their data center location.

Crown Castle Fiber has taken away the pain points when it comes to bringing in new applications. We’ve been impressed with their level of customer service on every level, and have been very happy with the performance and service of our network.
Greg Klopp

The solution

  • We worked with Hershey Entertainment to install a dark fiber network between six of their locations.

  • We lit the fiber between Hershey Lodge and their disaster recovery facility in Bethlehem, PA with an Ethernet WAN.

  • We provided additional fiber strands to increase security and help consolidate backup to their data center location.

The Impact

  • With unlimited bandwidth and reduced latency issues, Hershey Entertainment has been able to support new applications and scale their business operations.

  • Hershey Entertainment now has premier security, disaster recovery and backup.

  • The new high-speed connections have paved the way for a centralized employee resource center.

  • We’ve helped Hershey Entertainment design and manage their network for over ten years and continue to work closely with them to meet the needs of their growing business.

Leisure travel market growth

expected growth of the US leisure travel market in 2017. 1

Enterprise IT spending

IT spending on applications development and deployment and project-oriented services in 2017. 2

1. Deloitte, 2017 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook, 2017
IDC, Worldwide Semiannual IT Spending Guide, 2017

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