OBM International (OBMI) Architecture Firm is a global architectural design and master planning firm founded in Bermuda in 1936. Today, OBMI has offices throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. On any given project, multiple groups and individuals collaborate on large-scale architectural designs across many offices and locations.

The need

  • More bandwidth to be able to share large files across offices and with clients.

  • Highly available infrastructure to support business continuity.

  • Access to colocation facilities connected to a solid optical backbone.

  • Ability to easily upgrade network services as their business grows and needs evolve.

As an architectural firm, our files are large by nature. We needed a network that travels at the speed of light. With our new network, we are confident in our ability to adapt and grow and embrace any new technologies or capabilities.
Frank Nayor

The solution

  • We hosted OBMI’s servers in our colocation facility.

  • Crown Castle Fiber upgraded OBMI to a 200Mbps internet connection to facilitate fast transfers of large project-related data files.

The Impact

  • The new solution provided OBMI with the low latency connectivity they need to be able to share design files across offices, provide clients with deliverables faster, and gain a competitive edge.

  • With the colocation facility, they have maximum availability of their critical data and servers.

  • The new cloud infrastructure allows them to better serve customers and enables collaboration.

Cloud adoption for IT execs

of senior executives expect the majority of their IT workload to reside in cloud or colocation sites by 2020. 1

Network outage concerns

of IT professionals believe corporate management is more concerned about outages now than they were a year ago. 1

1. Uptime Institute, Seventh Annual Data Center Industry Survey, 2017

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