VPLS provides cloud and managed services, hosting more than 10,000 servers and 5 million websites for clients all over the world. Its portfolio of products and services includes cloud and web hosting, backup services, virtualization, and more. With a network capacity of over 500Gbps, the VPLS network transfers an average of 82 trillion bits on a daily basis.

The need

  • Connection between VPLS’s two data centers in Southern California, LAX9 and LAX10.

  • Ability to support up to 100Gbps of bandwidth, with the flexibility to scale even higher as hosting and connectivity demands grow.

  • Ensure network uptime for VPLS customers.

Our dark fiber network allows us to use our own equipment and gives us complete control and flexibility to increase bandwidth without additional costs. And with 25 miles between our locations, Crown Castle Fiber gave us a cost-effective fiber solution with reliable network connectivity.
Ted Mektrakarn

The solution

  • To give VPLS maximum flexibility, we built a dark fiber network between the two data centers.

  • Using an amplified circuit, we provided a reliable connection across a long distance of 25 miles.

The Impact

  • VPLS now has 100Gbps of capacity, with the ability to scale the connection on their own, using their own equipment.

  • A dark fiber network provides guaranteed speed and reliability for VPLS customers.

Data center IP traffic growth

the projected compound annual growth rate in data center IP traffic until 2020. 1

US data center investment

growth in US data center investment in the first half of 2017. 2

1. Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020, November 2016
2. CBRE, 2017 US Data Center Trends Report

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